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Quito, Here I come

When I was nine years old, Cameron and Roberto Vivanco came to Holy Trinity Episcopal Church one Sunday.  This was while my mom was the assistant priest, so I was at church all morning every Sunday…

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Here’s Where You Should Live Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Duh. San Francisco.

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Sue ClarkSue Clark

ISFJ – Zurich, Switzerland

If there’s anything an ISFJ likes it’s a clean, well-ordered environment where everyone gets along nicely and everything works the way it should. In the pristine city of Zurich, ISFJs will find themselves perfectly at home. Reserved but polite, the citizens of Switzerland don’t like to raise much of a fuss unless they have to. They go about their days, get business done as they should and then retire to their well-maintained homes with their close-knit families. Ever-neutral Switzerland is the ideal spot for the peace-seeking ISFJ. No fuss, no muss, no hefty disagreements.

ENTP – Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers a diverse fusion of the Eastern and Western worlds, with enough food, entertainment, languages, religions, diversity and opportunity to keep the ENTP intellectually stimulated until the end of time. This type loves exploring new avenues of thought and new methods of experiencing life…

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Luke 10:38-42 Jesus, Martha, and Mary

Jesus with Martha and Mary
Jesus with Martha and Mary

Luke 10:38-42
So, Mary and Martha and Jesus.  What a combo they are, right?  Martha the busybody nag.  Mary the airheaded fangirl.  Jesus the oblivious guest.

This is the sermon given many variations, the one we hear preached the most often. It also completely misses the point of this passage. The problem arises when we look at it through western eyes.  We ignore the Luke’s primary storytelling tool of turning everyone’s expectations upside down.

Martha does not speak as an annoying nag. Rather her voice speaks for everyone else in the house and everyone who originally heard this story.  As the mistress of her own household, one which must include servants (cook, housekeeper, and the like), she can show Jesus no greater honor than to prepare and serve his meal by her own hand, even as her cook is no doubt preparing a meal for the rest of the entourage.

She humbles herself unnecessarily to show him great respect — exactly as he did in the foot washing story found in John’s Gospel. Of course she expects Mary to show Jesus the same respect and honor. And not only Martha, but everyone else in the house expects this, as did Luke’s intended audience.

This story is shocking to all who hear it! Mary has chosen the better way to honor Jesus?!? How can this be? Mary is simply sitting still and listening…

OOooooohhh, right.
Sitting still.


Oh. Well, that is sure a different spin on things.

And there you have it.